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Guiding Values and Principles of Stateland Achievers

SERVICE... the sincere and heartfelt act of extending assistance and contribution to welfare of others. Stateland, being a service-oriented company, promotes QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE among its members. Quality service is not only for clients but also for co-employees, management and the company as a whole.

TRUSTWORTHINESS... the solid character of being worthy of confidence. Each member is responsible to management to MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY of sensitive records and information and should not, in any way, divulge or discuss matters concerning our clients and operations to outsiders even after resignation to maintain public interest, guard against competition and protect the Company's interest.

ATTITUDE AND INITIATIVE... refer to the positive state of mind and feelings leading to higher degree of enthusiasm towards one's job. A POSITIVE WORKING ATTITUDE involves healthy beliefs, feelings, values and disposition leading to a brighter outlook towards one's life and job. This leads to ability to begin and follow through enthusiastically a plan or task without the need of prompting or direction from others.

TIMELINESS... state of being in proper and appropriate schedule. No matter how great a plan, decision or action is, if the same is accomplished beyond the period of necessity, then it would not serve the purpose. Timeliness also applies to punctuality of the members.

EXCELLENCE AND MASTERY... refer to highest level of skillfulness, productivity and knowledge of work. Each member must attain both personal and professional excellence. Personal excellence includes self-discipline. Professional excellence is knowing the job by heart and striving to meet, if not exceed, WORK STANDARDS and expectations in terms of quality, accuracy, timeliness and level of productivity.

ASPIRATION FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT... the strong will and determination to improve through one's own effort. More than mastering one's work and skills, each member must, on his own continue his growth, advancement and professional development through progressive learning.

COMMITMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY... the pledge of binding oneself emotionally and intellectually to his duties and obligations to the company. Each member engages himself to the company ensuring utmost loyalty and prevention of conflict of interest. Hence, he pledges to the "NO OUTSIDE EMPLOYMENT" policy of the company and refrains from part-time jobs, personal type of occupation or business. This also refers to one's dedication to work and strict observance of company rules and policies.

HONESTY AND INTEGRITY... the moral soundness and principled uprightness of character, conduct, and action. Strict adherence to moral and ethical standards in the performance of one's duty includes courage of conviction, sincerity, respect for authority, fairness in dealings, and refusal to engage in fraud, deceit, dissembling, temptation, bribery and corruption.

INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY... refer to improvement of established system or standard procedures characterized by productive originality, expressiveness and imagination. Each member is encouraged to give ideas and suggestions for product innovations and customer service to maintain competitiveness in the market as well as streamlining of system and operational procedures.

EMOTIONAL STABILITY AND SOCIAL BALANCE... the strength to maintain equilibrium of one's feelings amidst outside factors and manage harmonious relationship with others. Adequate personal adjustment is essential in maintaining physical, mental and emotional health, taking criticisms constructively, controlling one's temper, being objective in decision-making, and keeping harmonious relationship with clients, co-employees, and management.

VICE-FREE LIFE... a life clear of undesirable habits and moral failings. Each member should avoid gambling, drugs, excessive drinking and other vices in order to affect his competent and efficient performance of duties and responsibilities, and preserve his professional reputation and character to maintain confidence of management and respect of clients and co-employees.

EFFICIENCY AND COST-EFFECTIVENESS... the competent and practical accomplishment of the objective through skillful utilization of time, effort and cost. Efficient implementation of task is a result of skillful PLANNING AND CONTROL of company resources. Each member knows his objectives, directions and program of actions in achieving the established goals taking into consideration maximization of company resources including its proper care and maintenance.

RELIABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY... the trait of consistently producing, if not exceeding, the expected results and adaptability to any change or variations of tasks. Each member must be dependable to finish task on hand and be able to respond positively to any change on the plan, job within the system and company.

STRENGTH AND GUIDANCE FROM GOD... the recognition that God is the source of all wisdom and strength. Every work is a gift from God. He is our first resort in all our undertakings. Let us seek His wisdom and directional advice for our decisions and courses of action. He is the source of our physical, mental, social and spiritual vigor and endurance.

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