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Stateland holds Brokers Conference 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
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Stateland holds Brokers Conference 2013
Developer’s Party Season was in full swing last December. But uniquely done, Stateland, Inc. holds its Annual Broker’s Conference a.k.a. Get-Together every first half of the of January to show gratitude to Loyal Brokers, who have been active in the past year. The Broker’s Conference is a reunion of Brokers Force and Stateland’s Marketing Personnel and Senior Management. A time to strengthen the bond of business partnership amongst people considered as family.


All year of 2013 is All Summer Long. Overwhelmed with ornaments, fresh or creatively stitched leis filled the floor and the stage, not forgetting the podium with a grass skirt haloed around it like a Hawaiian Locale. The aura is perfect - A fit for the guests who started to arrive at 5pm.

The audience then filled almost 60 round tables, notwithstanding the outpour of the rain outside the Golden Bay Restaurant, standing proud in the stretch of Macapagal Boulevard. Inside the ballroom, a heartfelt Opening Prayer was heard from Mrs. Elizabeth C. Chow, followed by a winning dance presentation by the Marketing Officers and selected Division Heads which eventually produced an energetic roar from the audience.
The best part of the night came in two partite: The announcement of 2013 Project Updates. And the Promos and Incentives for the Year. This year, Stateland Inc. thru its President, Mr. Reynaldo T. Cometa, introduces its future projects in Laguna, Gran Avila and La Guerta Property, targeting the chunk of population looking for low-cost and socialized houses with taste for quality craftsmanship. Washington Place’s Commercial Strip in Dasmarinas City responding to the needs of its expectant 1,500 households, and lastly, Gran Seville’s spot for commercialism with its intricately-architectured shophouses. The other best part was the Promos and Incentives for the year. It is the organization’s way of giving back to its patrons, the Brokers and Agents for an optimistic selling year for 2013. Further, a concoction of what is to come was written in commitment cards glued on surfboards. How creative!
The raffle, singing contest , awarding of Major Leaguers, TopGuns and Circle of Eagle and the dinner surely made the event more meaningful. And like an icing to a cake, the vow of service before dinner reassured all brokers, that Stateland’s service is unwavering.

Indeed, everyone were glued to their seats up to the end of the event. It was a sure hit to all the new and veteran brokers looking for a meaningful start for 2013.





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