A Promise of a Lifetime: Stateland, Inc. moves you closer to your well-deserved and promised homes

Friday, October 18, 2013

How can someone achieve his ultimate dream of having a fulfilled and satisfied life with his family? Is it by lavishing yourself with the immense wealth that you´ve acquired in the years that you´ve been working? Is it by travelling around the globe and see the beautiful sceneries and experience the culture of other countries? Or perhaps, you can just be fully satisfied by seeing your money invested in more important things, like your very own house.

Every person is unique to his own taste and preferences. He has the sole discretion to decide what´s best for him and for his family based on his definition of beauty and comfort. But regardless of an individual´s taste in design, fashion or art, buying a house is probably the most important investment one will ever do in a lifetime. People wanted to see the fruit of their labour, and to be able to do that, one must learn how to manage his hard-earned money by choosing a property that suits their budget, individuality and unique preferences.

But before finally fulfilling your dream of having your own property, one must first delve on the meticulous process of consideration. There are several factors and points a buyer needs to consider. There comes the question of budget. When we purchase something, we typically ask, "how much". We must know that the quality of what we buy should justify its amount. Ask this question: Is it worth that price? Next to consider is your preferred location. What kind of community do you want to live in? Is it accessible to the main roads and highways? Are there any commercial establishments within the vicinity of the area? Next is your lifestyle. What designs best attract you? What type of lifestyle do you lead to? What kind of environment do you want your kids to get used to? Ponder on all these questions and you´ll eventually find out what you wanted the most. Moreover, making sense of all these questions and turning all of these intangible thoughts to something that you can actually see and feel is part of Stateland, Inc.´s commitment to its people of providing not just houses, but their dream houses that they rightfully deserve.

With its 37-year track record in the real estate industry, Stateland continues to create unparalleled housing and community projects in key areas of Luzon. It has built more than 30 horizontal developments in Cavite, Laguna and Metro Manila, with each community catering to each family´s needs and wants. Its well-crafted, master-planned community with durable houses that lasts, Stateland, Inc. makes no compromises to the quality products it offers to its clients.

From its inception in the business since 1978, it has continuously developed into one of the leading players in the real estate industry in the country. It has grown and flourished to becoming one of the most trusted property developers in the country. Its aim of being a first-rate developer of real estate projects that give optimum value to buyers and investors has been manifested by all of its developments that are hinged on high quality and standards. From the conceptualization, up to the actual land development and house construction up until the marketing and financing of its projects, Stateland adheres to its known trademark of proficiency and quality products.

Currently, Stateland, Inc. has seven on-going projects, these are the Crystal Place and Villa San Lorenzo located at Imus, Cavite; Gran Seville situated at Cabuyao, Laguna; the newly launched Gran Avila and Casa Laguerta at Calamba, Laguna; Chester´s Place and Washington Place both located at Dasmariñas in Cavite. Each community focuses on every aspect of individual´s needs and wants. With varying home designs, from contemporary designs, Mediterranean-inspired art designs, Spanish-inspired architecture and modern-themed architecture, it will surely suit every individual’s unique taste of designs. Evidently, the houses are built with careful attention to details so as to assure the safety and satisfaction of its future residents. Communities are adaptable to the lifestyle of its homeowners. You can play, work, relax or just simply unwind and live a comfortable life, all within the premises of your promised and well-deserved property.

The projects of Stateland, Inc. are every Filipinos´ realization of a dream come true. With communities that are strategically located, equipped with complete features and amenities for the convenience and enjoyment of the families, durable houses styled with unique designs, it´s time for you to have a time of your life, while enjoying the company of your family. Stateland, Inc. believes that every Filipino family deserves a worth-while living in their own land. With the perfect ambiance, tranquil environment, suitable location and affordable prices of every Stateland projects, one can easily say that finally, they’re home.

For more information about Stateland, Inc. and its projects, visit www.stateland.com.ph and our official Facebook page, www.facebook.com/StatelandInc, or call the Marketing group at 242-7614.